Scholarships of the Austrian Federal Ministry for Science and Research
administrated by ASEA-UNINET

Target Countries:    ASEA-UNINET Member Countries in Asia for Ph.D. and post-doc grants
                               Cambodia and Laos for on-place Master Grants

Conditions of the grants :

1. Ph.D. grants: 11.280.- per year for accommodation, insurance, living costs  for a maximum of three years.
plus travel assistance of up to 900.- per year (average, depends on country)
This amount is only sufficient for the living costs of 1 person. For every accompanying family member    5.000.- have to be provided by the scholarship recipient from own resources in order to obatin residence permit for this person.

Scholarship holders will be exempted from tuition fees in Austria

2. post-doc grants: 1.100 - 1.200.- per month for accommodation, insurance, living costs  for a maximum of 12 months.
in some cases travel assistance of up to 900.- once (average, depends on country)

3. on-place grants: ~ 1.800.- per year

Scholarship holders 1) and 2) can occasionally spend some weeks with Austrian enterprises working in their field in order to familiarise themselves with practical and industrial aspects of their discipline. They will have to report their progress, in particular their research results and publications every 6 months.

Eligible Fields of Study / Research:

Applications are accepted for all fields of natural sciences and engineering,
for economics and medicine (technology related), and 1 post-doc grant for Music.


Through the National ASEA-UNINET Co-ordinator of the home country,
whose name and address is found on the ASEA-UNINET homepage

Qualification of Applicants:

Master degree for Ph.D. applicants, age maximum 30 years, good command of spoken and written English or German

Doctor degree for post-doc applicants, age maximum 35 years, good command of spoken and written English or German

Bachelor (S1) degree for on-place applicants, age maximum 25 years, fair command of spoken and written English or German, eligible for S2 programme recognized in Thailand.

Scholarship applicants can be either University staff (public and private universities) or  persons proposed by these institutions
For on-place scholarships, any University graduate proposed by his/her academic institution is eligible, provided his/her research proposal for the S2 thesis fits into the field criteria above.

Further requirements:
Statement of acceptance by an Austrian university professor acting as host and supervisor, for Ph.D. and post-doc grants
Statement of acceptance for S2 studies by a Thai university for on-place grants.

Selection of Candidates:
Candidates are selected by an International Committee of experts of ASEA-UNINET in the country of origin according to the following criteria.
1. Linguistic Competence

2. Professional Competence: adequate presentation of project

3. Feasiblity of project at an Austrian university

4. Importance of project for one of the ASEA-UNINET Focus Areas

Deadline for Applications:
December 31 of each calendar year

The final selection of candidates will be made following an interview procedure carried out by a joint committee of professors /scientists from Austria and the country of the applicant, usually in February of each year.

The scholarship programme will be administrated by ASEA-UNINET in co-operation with the Austrian Academic Exchange Service (OAD), and in co-operation with the Ministry for University Affairs in Thailand and the Department for Higher Education (DIKTI) of the Ministry for Education and Culture of Indonesia.